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Requirements & Eligibility

CMB Speakers Spring Research Symposium May 4, 2018


Any graduate student entering their second year of their PhD program and carrying out research in cell and/or molecular biology.  Participants  must be a  U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

CMB Requirements for Trainees:

  • Participate in the annual Welcome Symposium in years 2 and 3 of training.
  • Participate in the annual research symposium each year of your graduate training
  • Participate in the annual ethics refresher training in years 2, 3, 4 and 5 of your program.
  • Attending one or more CMB sponsored career development events is strongly encouraged.
  • Take BIOS200 (foundations) and 1 graduate course in each of these areas: Cell Biology, Genetics/Genomics, Biology of Molecules, Quantitative methods (up to 2 can be mini courses)
  • Acknowledge the CMB training grant in all publications (NIH 5 T32 GM007276) resulting from your graduate work and enter these publications into the PMCID database through completion of your PhD program.
  • You will be requested to submit a brief annual progress report,  which will include a short update on your research, reporting of any publications,  conference presentations and career development activities.

CMB Requirements for Faculty:

  • Participate in Welcome Symposium
  • Participate in annual research symposium
  • Serve as discussion leader in ethics symposium and/or poster judge for research symposium.
  • Participate in CMB Mentor training
  • Submit annual progress reports for their CMB trainee until completion of their Ph.D.
  • Acknowledge the CMB training grant in all publications (NIH 5 T32 GM007276) resulting from authorship that includes your CMB trainee through completion of their PhD Program.