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Trainee Benefits

Institutional Allowance

Trainees receive a $300 institutional allowance for the two years they are appointed to the grant (trainees appointed for their last summer quarter July 1 through September 30 do not receive an institutional allowance). This allowance is to be used for travel to scientific meetings, the purchase of research supplies specifically for your research project, the purchase of academic-related items such as textbooks and/or towards the purchase of a computer.

Instructions: Trainees should request prior approval of their expenditure from admin/finance (email Steve Bayne at sbayne [at] (sbayne[at]stanford[dot]edu)). Trainees are to submit their receipts/invoices to their designated Department Student Service Officer (copy/check) as the IA expenditure needs to be processed as a stipend on the training grant via GFS.


Childcare Costs

Each trainee is eligible to receive $2,500 per year to cover costs for childcare provided by a licensed childcare provider. 

Childcare costs are permitted for dependent children living in the eligible trainee’s home from birth under the age of 13, or children who are disabled and under age 18. Childcare costs do not apply to elder or non-child dependent care costs. For households where both parents are NRSA fellows, each parent is eligible to receive $2,500.

Instructions: To apply for these funds, trainees must maintain all supporting documentation (e.g., receipts and proof provider is licensed) and email them to Steve Bayne (sbayne [at] (sbayne[at]stanford[dot]edu)) and their designated Department Student Services Officer for approval.


Publication Prize

Each year students supported by the training grant are awarded the Annual Publication Prize for first author publications. The prize is $300, and winners are randomly chosen from all submissions.


  • All currently enrolled students that have or are currently receiving support from the CMB training grant are eligible.
  • Publications must be published online and be first authored by the student supported by training grant.
  • Acknowledge and list the training grant (T32GM007276) as a funding source.
  • Instructions to properly acknowledge and list the training grant can be found here.