Program Overview

The Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB) program is a long running successful training program at Stanford that has been training leaders in biomedical research for more than 40 years. It is funded by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute of General Medical Sciences.  The objectives of the program are to attract excellent and diverse trainees and train them in skills required to perform cutting edge cellular and molecular biology research. The mission of the CMB Training grant is to train the next generation of responsible, rigorous and diverse scientists in the areas of cell and molecular biology. The CMB grant provides funding for those in year two of their graduate program with the option to renew for a second year.  The CMB affiliated faculty are highly engaged in the program through active mentoring of their trainees and are doing cutting edge research in their labs.  Our senior faculty have strong mentoring records and our junior faculty will take part in mentoring training.  The CMB faculty are preparing trainees for a vast range of careers in the Biosciences and Biomedical fields. 

Training Goals of the CMB Program:

  1. Trainees will develop skills in scientific thinking i.e. how to develop and test a hypothesis.
  2. Trainees will develop skills required to manage and analyze scientific data in a rigorous and reproducible manner.
  3. Trainees will learn how to carry out research ethically and responsibly.
  4. Trainees will learn how to effectively communicate scientific findings in oral, written and graphical formats.
Program Director Ashby Morrison, Professor of Biology and Co-Director Rajat Rohatgi, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and of Medicine (Oncology)