Career and Degree Outcomes

The CMB program prepares PhD students for a wide range of careers in biomedical science in academic, industrial or government settings, as well as other science related careers including science journalism, science education, and science policy. During the last 15 years, 93% of trainees who were supported by this grant earned a PhD.

The vast majority of these 116 students are pursuing a career in science.

Career Outcomes by % 

  • 10.4%, of trainees (12/116) attained a faculty or staff research position in academia. 
  • 17.4% of trainees (20/116) are pursuing a postdoc.
  • 59.1% of trainees (69/116) are working in the biotech/pharma industry.
  • 3.5% of trainees (5/116) are working in non-profit research or government research, including one as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow.
  • 6.1% of trainees (7/116) had other career outcomes. 
    • Two are data scientist.
    • One is an Attorney
    • One is a software engineers.
    • One is a dentist.
    • One is a high school science teacher. 
    • One is in marketing


Time to Degree

Trainees that were awarded a PhD and received support from the CMB training grant during the past 15 years (9/2007-6/2022) had an average time to degree of 5.84 years.