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Career Development

CMB Career Day:  Coming November 2021

Event Details

CMB Career Day, will be an afternoon event in November 2018, featuring 15-20 minute talks covering 4 careers, followed by 4 breakout sessions and then a social mixer with refreshments to provide networking time. Possible careers to highlight include academic-track scientist, faculty at a teaching-focused institution, research in industry, science journalism, science policy, patent law, non-profits, technology licensing, etc. The CMB Activities and Events committee is planning this event, and we intend to highlight CMB alumni that are in the area as speakers. A web-based (free) registration will be required to attend this event, with priority given to CMB trainees, and additional slots available for non-CMB trainees. To further facilitate connections between current CMB trainee and alumni, the Events committee is establishing a CMB group on the LinkedIn website, and current and former CMB trainees will be listed on our new website.