Graduate Coalition for Disability and Chronic Illness (GCDI)

GCDI (founded 2020) seeks to fill this gap by providing community and advocating for graduate students in the biosciences with disabilities and/or chronic illness.

Contact Bgoolsby@stanford.edu & astarr97@stanford.edu for more information.

Science Bus

Science Bus is an after-school program to inspire enthusiasm about science and provide mentorship from scientists. We teach hands-on experiments to students in grades 2-5 at East Palo Alto Charter School (EPACS).

Contact shaykeda@stanford.edu or adityam2@stanford.edu for more information.

Scientists Speak Up

The mission of Scientists Speak up is to train students to effectively communicate and advocate around controversial scientific topics (i.e., vaccination, climate change). We offer communication workshops, community discussions, and meetings, where we network with scientists and science advocates from various disciplines and cooperate to make a collective impact. Website Link: https://linktr.ee/scispeakup